Reality Retreat

January 27, 2016  •  1 Comment

If you read the "About" section of the website, it mentions me being that friend.  The really annoying one that puts a camera in your face all the time.  Walks around every single party snapping photos.  Some posed, some not.  Some completely unflattering. (Not on purpose, of course)  Some totally hilarious.  I have been doing this since high school, which (ahem) has now been 22 years.  I was friends way back then with these three women.  Having our memories documented over the span of 22 years is  Weddings and children and vacations.  Documented.  It's just what I do and at this point, everyone has accepted it and they deal with it.  

We have started an annual tradition.  Every winter after the crazy holiday season we take a short trip up to a little town called Perry, where one of us has parents that own a house there.  It's such a charming little house.  And a charming little town.  We go antiquing, we hang out, we go out for dinner.  We play cards around the kitchen table and drink wine.  This year we named it the Reality Retreat.  As a photographer in a winter slump, it was a great way to practice.  It's easy to feel inspired with these women and in this house.  I even take the tripod along so I can get in some of the frames, too.  I always say the best party favor is a camera.  And the silliness that ensues when you turn a camera on four girls is worth documenting!  

Thank you Chrisi and Dewayne for letting us crash at your adorable getaway home!  I can't tell you how much I cherish this time with my best friends. 




so fun, what a great memory
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