10 on 10 July 2016

July 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

My 10 on 10 this month features a little fireworks fun, when we were able to squeeze it in.  It rained and it rained and then it rained some more.  Luckily I had taken the 1st off of work and we had that day to play.  We did get a break in the rain on the 3rd so we were able to light a few fireworks out on the farm.  Oh, and I turned 40 that day, too.  (gasp!)

Be sure to follow the circle around to see what all the ladies have been up to.  Up next is the amazing Melissa Hines!

Don't forget to go see Melissa and all of the other ladies in the circle! 


Megan Hassold(non-registered)
Love these!!!! Looks like everyone had a blast!
Fabulous! I love them all
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