2B Seen Photography, Columbia Missouri Photographer | About

2B Seen Photography is a team of two ladies who have been friends for over 20 years, Angee and Mikey. Angee is the photographer behind the camera and Mikey works as her assistant. With Angee's creative eye and Mikey's sense of humor, you will have a rewarding experience with 2B Seen Photography and come away with family heirlooms to be treasured for a lifetime. Located in Columbia, Missouri, serving all of Central Missouri including Jefferson City and Fulton.

Angee Manns is a newly married mother to an 13-year-old boy and a couple of fluffy white dogs. She lives on a farm in Columbia, Missouri with her family, where she enjoys the peace and quiet of the country. She also enjoys all forms of memory keeping as an avid scrapbooker and creates a slideshow set to music for her family to watch on Christmas every year. She is that friend. The one that shows up to the party with her camera and goes on about how the camera is the best party favor. And has the photos to prove it!

As the mother of three teenagers, Mikey's life is action packed just the way she likes it. She lives on the family farm where she grew up in Calwood, Missouri. The three most important things in her life are faith, family, and friends, and believes the best way to build a great life is by loving and appreciating the little things.  Mikey is an avid sports fan; Cardinal baseball is her all-time favorite next to watching her children out on the field. She is a natural story teller and comfortable in the spotlight but also appreciates the quiet time at home.

*Image courtesy of KatFour Photo