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Shoot & Share Contest Results

March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

332,768 photos were entered from all over the world in a contest called the Shoot & Share contest.  It pretty well consumed my life for the entire month of February.  I used up all my data voting in the contest.  It was quite addictive.  I even had some friends and family voting along with me.  It was, in a word, FUN!  I went all in, entering 50 photos.  Some newer work and some old favorites.  Personal work and client work.  25 of my 50 photos ended up with badges on them and I thought it might be fun to share these and also have this to look back on for next year's contest.

The contest is free and open to anyone, so if you've ever thought of entering a contest this would be a great one to start with.  They'll be back at it again next year for the 2018 contest, which I expect will be even bigger than this year's.

100th place out of 10,102 photos entered in the pets/animals category.  My highest achievement in the contest.



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