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5 Minutes Of...April

April 30, 2017  •  3 Comments

I have teamed up with some amazing artists to continue our monthly blog circle for 2017.  We're taking 5 minutes in our month to photograph one thing/place/activity and share what we can capture in just those 5 minutes.  For April I chose to do 5 minutes of...goats on a roof.  Because apparently this makes you feel like a wild mountain goat and you begin to fight for world domination.  (Katie won.  She always does as the alpha female of the group.)  Although this was quite entertaining to watch, I have since put a stop to them getting on the roof.  It made me way too nervous.

Up next is the lovely and talented Eve Rashid.  Be sure to follow the circle around to see some amazing five minutes from all the ladies.


Oh my goodness!! How did they get up there?!? So neat!!
Omg they are little daredevils! Love this set, Angee!
Melissa Hines(non-registered)
Hahaha!!! This is hilarious!! I'm so glad you captured this!!!
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