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Camrey: A Story of Survival

April 04, 2017  •  3 Comments

With April being National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month, I wanted to do something.  Something important.  

Meet Camrey.  Camrey is a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  I don't want to list statistics or facts and figures.  No.  This is more personal than that.  I invited Camrey to come to the studio for a photo session and another way to share her story.  Hopefully we have an audience in my small corner of the world wide web.  Maybe if our voices are heard, we can make a difference.

Here is her story, as told by her mother, Rebecca Green:

"My five year old daughter is a Shaken Baby Survivor.  This happened when see was three months old while at the babysitter's home.  She was unresponsive and suffered bi-retinal hemorrhaging and swelling and subdural hemorrhaging along with seizures.  She had extensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy for nearly three years.  She used three stages of leg braces and wore corrective shoes.  She had to train the left side of her body to work parallel with her right side.  She was introduced to dance to keep her physical therapy going and recently started violin lessons to further stimulate her brain.  

Today she is a very smart, vibrant, happy child that knows no boundaries!  We were once told she may need special education but Camrey exceeded that dream and now is in kindergarten with her peers!  Our neurologist says there can still be some future brain issues and seizures, but for now she has only been left with some minor issues and an amazing fight story.  She has been in two Shaken Baby films, on the cover of a magazine and has spoken at the Children’s Hospital Radiothon the last four years.  She has personally raised money for the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Miracle Network.

Unfortunately, justice was never fully served,  but we are blessed to have the outcome we do for Camrey!  We have been given the opportunity to have a voice for innocent children and help bring awareness to others!  Camrey says she wants to be a dancer, violin teacher or a doctor when she grows up and I have no doubt that she could accomplish that!"

This cause is extremely personal to me.  Meet Colin, my first born son.  Colin was shaken by his babysitter and passed away in 2003 at 13-months-old.  While it is difficult for me to say much more than that, I want it to be shown how devastating shaking a baby can be.   Never, ever shake a baby.

Colin Michael

September 24, 2002 - October 30, 2003






Rene Howitt(non-registered)
Hello....I'm the creator of one of the videos that Camrey and Rebecca participated in, The Life Sentence. I look for updates on all four of the children and families that shared their story in our video. Camrey is truly a remarkable story. She hasn't just survived but is also thriving. A blessing from God. In addition, this family is using this horrific experience to educate others in an effort to stop this type of violence. Her outcome is rare. Since producing this video in 2012 one of the four child victims has died. Another is 18 years of age and will never able to live independently. The grandparents, her caregivers, are approaching their 80's and wonder what will happen to their grand daughter when they are unable to care for her.

Shaken Baby is a form of child abuse that could be eradicated by educating all teens during their high school careers. Our nation needs to prioritize parenting and child development education well before we enter the parenting arena. Camrey's story is a perfect example. She was born into a healthy, loving and nurturing family and yet she was still victimized by the daycare provider. How much education did the daycare provider have regarding shaken baby? Did it ever occur to the daycare provider that she could choose a different profession? Does it occur to any of us that we can get away from the baby? The baby can't get away from the adult!

We must all be encouraging our local schools districts to make this education a priority. We can thank God for Camrey's resilience, for a family that sought out all of the therapies she would need and for their fight to end this type of child abuse.
Thank you Rebecca and Camrey.
Audrey Chaney(non-registered)
I am sor happy for Camry and her parents and family. She is a beautiful child! Great pictures. I still miss our Colin! "A wonderful child on Earth, A perfect Angel in Heaven"!❤Gran
Tears, my friend! What a beautiful survival story and a beautiful tribute to your son. Big Hugs.
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