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5 Minutes Of...September

September 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

I have teamed up with some amazing artists to continue our monthly blog circle for 2017.  We're taking 5 minutes in our month to photograph one thing/place/activity and share what we can capture in just those 5 minutes.  For September I chose to do 5 minutes of...calves!  We have had the absolute cutest calves born on the farm here in the last couple months.  They make for great subjects when your kid develops photographer's kid syndrome.

Up next is the talented Liz of Four Dots Photography.  Be sure to follow the circle all the way around for some incredible eye candy.



Inador this series! And now I want cows! Gosh you have me wanting ALL the farm animals!
Melissa Hines(non-registered)
They are soooooo cute! Love it!!
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